** I am a member of the Family Child Care Association where I have served on the Board for over 10 years.

** I am a member of the National Association For Family Child Care.

** I am a member of the Moms Council of the Tewksbury Patch online newspaper.

** I organize and oversee the Tewksbury Moms & Dads ​Group.

     On October 21, we celebrate our Child Care Anniversary ! I want to thank all the families and children who have participated in our program over the years. I also want to thank my own family for their love and support in making this a wonderful experience.

     With all of the books out there for expectant mothers, there is a great easy-to-read book for expectant and first time fathers called “Foreshadowing Fatherhood”. It is written by a local author Gavin Long. It gives great insight and tips on things that soon to be dads should be ready for during the pregnancy, birth and babies first year! It has been given great reviews and is being featured in many hospitals in the region but is even easier to get off of Amazon and is Prime eligible. I was blessed the Long family chose ME as their child care provider !