Our "family style" child care is a safe, clean, and loving environment. Your child will receive so many wonderful things needed for growth and development: 

   * Love   *Stable Relationship  *Social Interaction  *Safety and Health   *Self Esteem                 * Quality Child Care    *Communication    *Play    *Music    *Reading    *Free Play                     * Arts & Crafts   * Open Ended Art  * Self Help Skills  *Child Initiated Teachable Moments  and so much more ! 

​​     Our preschool activities include manners, colors, shapes & sizes, letters, and numbers on a daily basis.  We celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special events.  I monitor each child's progress and development daily.  

      I have several bright rooms for the children to learn and explore...not just one in the basement or one classroom type setting.  We offer a lot of indoor and outdoor space ! 

     Everything is included in your tuition.  I DO NOT charge any additional fees such as a holding free, registration fee, or any fee for supplies.  I do understand in today's economy, money is tight for many families. Your tuition will not increase each year while your child is enrolled here. ( Many day cares have a yearly rate increase of $25-50 per week) Our home is smoke-free, and we do not have any guns or weapons on the premises.

     Interested in coming to visit? We'd love to have your child explore our great environment and make some new friends !  If you would like to be on our waiting list, give us a call !  

​     *Teachers and school employees may stay home without paying for the summertime 

Linda   (978) 851-0719


*   Licensed by Dept. of EEC

*   CPR.. First Aid.. AED..Epi Pen Certified 

*   Background Checks...CORI, DCF, & Fingerprinting ​​

*   No Yearly Rate Increases​​

*   No guns or weapons

​​*   Smoke Free  Environment

*   28+ Years Experience
*   All snacks and Meals Included

*   On-site Playground

*   Over 800 Hours of  Dept.of EEC  child care classes

*    Preschool Program